Game-Making Resources

Making a game is hard. Below are some resources to help you get started, collected from a variety of sites. Be sure to follow any licensing requirements the sources have:




Example Games

  • Contrabot: play as a smuggler trying to secretly label boxes to communicate with a contact on the other side of a customs checkpoint; example of simple machine learning as core mechanic
  • Infinite Refraction: procedural generation of game level sequences; example of logic checking as main game system
  • Prom Week: shape the lives of a group of highschool students in the most dramatic week of their highschool career; example of social simulation
  • Facade: play a longtime friend of a married couple as you become entangled in the high-conflict dissolution of their marriage; example of AI social agents
  • Warning Forever: 2D shoot-’em-up about an endless stream of bosses, each one resisting how you slew the last; example of adaptation as a core mechanic

Unity3D Libraries

AI Implementations

  • Finite State Machine infrastructure: basic architecture to implement a finite state machine (e.g. as used for Pacman ghost AI); courtesy Sebastian Monroy
  • Timer class: useful for controlling coroutines and state machine transitions; courtesy AJ Kolenc
  • Flocking: elegant movement behavior for flocks of creatures
  • Mendel (Genetic Algorithms): optimize discrete content to a given function; useful in procedural content generation to optimize for something like ‘quality’
  • C# HTN planner: set up agent (or drama manager or …) behavior as made of subtasks that it tries to solve; more info